Message of the Chairman

Yayın Tarihi:

Dear Members,

The war that broke out between Russia and Ukraine, which are among the world’s largest grain and oilseed suppliers, caused the agricultural markets to fluctuate both in our country and around the world. While this war created great problems in the supply chain of agricultural products, it showed us once again that it is essential for us to be a self-sufficient country in terms of agricultural production. This situation imposes great duties and responsibilities on us living in Çukurova, Turkey’s most fertile plain. In this sense, Adana Commodity Exchange is the apple of the eye of Adana, which is located in the center of Çukurova, and creates added value in the agriculture and agro-industry sectors with the projects and activities it has produced for almost 110 years since 1913.

In 2022, we completed the elections for the Assembly Membership of our Commodity Exchange. With the favor of you, our esteemed members, we once again succeeded in managing this distinguished institution. Since the day we took office, we have endeavored for Adana Commodity Exchange to produce projects that will create added value for both our province and our region’s agriculture and trade. As Adana Commodity Exchange, we have increased our service capacity and quality by carrying out 14 projects with the contributions and cooperation of the National Agency, Çukurova Development Agency, Çukurova University, the United Nations and the Stakeholders. If there is a chance in our 2022-2026 period, we will continue to produce and develop as ATB.

Our new Exchange Complex became operational as of May 2018; Our Electronic Trading Hall, Authorized Classifier Center and five branch laboratories, Licensed Warehouses with 50 thousand tons of corn and wheat storage capacity, Administrative Building and Merchant offices have been put at the disposal of our members and producers. In our Administrative Building; We have an Electronic Trading Hall, a multi-purpose meeting room, fiber cotton, physical and chemical analysis laboratories and units, and we offer high quality service to our members. In the coming years, it is among our targets to increase the capacity of our licensed warehouses by 65 thousand tons and to increase our total storage capacity to 115 thousand tons. Thus, we will provide better and more comfortable service to our members and producers who benefit from our licensed warehouse service.

Our Commodity Exchange; Since 2016, it continues to provide Authorized Classifier Laboratory services to licensed warehouses. As of 2022, we are providing our Authorized Classifier Laboratory service to 6 different licensed warehousing companies, including the head office and 5 branches. Since 2018, it has been providing licensed warehousing services to producers and depositors in our region in our licensed warehouses with a capacity of 50 thousand tons. Our depositors, who store their corn and wheat in a healthy manner in our licensed warehouses, have the opportunity to trade these products through the Electronic Product Bill Purchase-Sale Platform of our Commodity Exchange until July 2019, and through the Turkish Product Specialization Exchange (TÜRİB), of which our Exchange is a founding partner, since 2019 they have. Our Exchange; It is one of the founding partners of the Turkish Product Specialization Exchange (TÜRİB), which started operating in July 2019 and where the products in licensed warehouses are traded, and has been providing agency services to TÜRİB investors since July 2019.Our Exchange; On 09.01.2020, the symbol of Çukurova, with the registration number 480, received a geographical indication for our white gold “Çukurova Cotton”, which is the subject of Turkish films and included in our logo.

Our Commodity Exchange; After his successful activities, he won the first place in Turkey twice and wrote his name in history with golden letters. We have many projects and goals that will create added value in the upcoming period. We will appreciate the value given to us by our members, who once again deemed us worthy of this task, as it was yesterday, and we will quickly realize our new goals by making much more effort. I would like to thank all our members for their trust and support, and I wish that 2023, the 100th anniversary of the establishment of our Republic, will bring good luck to everyone, and I express my gratitude.

Şahin Bilg

Chairman of the Board of Directors