Daily Corn, Wheat, Sunflower and Soybean prices are updated every day at 13.00 at the end of the TÜRİB session.

Daily Prices (24.06.2024)

ProductsMin PriceMax Price
Wheat (1st Class TURIB Average Price)8,900 - 9,0009,000 - 9,100
Wheat(2nd Class TURIB Average Price)8,700 - 8,8008,800 - 8,900
Wheat(3rd Class TURIB Average Price)8,100 - 8,2008,200 - 8,300
Corn(TURIB Average Price)7,600- 7,7007,700 - 7,800
Sunflower (New Crop) (Over 40 rand.)No TransactionNo Transaction
SoybeansNo TransactionNo Transaction


Message of the Chairman

The war that broke out between Russia and Ukraine, which are among the world's largest grain and oilseed suppliers, caused the agricultural markets to fluctuate both in our country and around the world. While this war created great problems in the supply chain of agricultural products, it showed us once again that it is essential for us to be a self-sufficient country in terms of agricultural production. This situation imposes great duties and responsibilities on us living in Çukurova, Turkey's most fertile plain. In this sense, Adana Commodity Exchange is the apple of the eye of Adana, which is located in the center of Çukurova, and creates added value in the agriculture and agro-industry sectors with the projects and activities it has produced for almost 110 years since 1913.