According to Generally Accepted Accounting Principles, TOBB Budget and Accounting Regulation and Related Legislation Provisions, preparation of “Income and Expenditure Budgets”, issuance of final account, transparency and uniformity in account and record order, recording all transactions, in accordance with the actual content of their activities. It applies the principles, procedures and principles regarding the sound and reliable accounting of financial statements, the preparation and reporting of financial statements in a timely and accurate manner in accordance with international standards within the framework of the basic concepts of accounting and generally accepted budget and accounting principles.

Adana Commodity Exchange accounting service fulfills the above-mentioned establishment purposes with its resources consisting of registration fee, annual fee, registration fee, fees for services rendered, document fees, publication revenues, donation aid, subsidiaries and other incomes collected from the members with the authorization given by the law numbered 5174. It constitutes the financial policy of the expenditures to be made to bring.