Adana Commodity Exchange was established in 1913 and is the second oldest stock exchange in Turkey. After the Adana-Mersin railway, which was built by the French in the 1800s, cotton trade developed in Adana. Accordingly, the necessity and need to establish an organized market connected with foreign markets was felt.

Due to this need, the merchants and farmers in Adana were determined that, according to the General Commodity Exchanges Regulation of 15 April 1886, which was in force at that time, it was decided that the Exchanges could not be established independently as today, and that they could only be established under the Chambers, the establishment of our Exchange, as it was then known, by the Adana Chamber of Commerce and Industry. has been carried out. In this context, upon the notification of the Chamber of Commerce decision to the Provincial Authority, the Adana Governorate allowed the establishment of a stock exchange bearing the title of Commodity Exchange in Adana with its letter dated 22 May 1329 (1913) and numbered 153/31976. Within the scope of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the old Yıldız Coffee House (Yıldız Casino) located in the current Küçük Saat Square in the center of the city was rented. With a brilliant ceremony held here on September 17, 1913, our Commodity Exchange became operational.

After its establishment, it was used as the “Big Store” Stock Exchange Building belonging to the municipality around the Yağ Mosque. Later, in 1925, the 2-storey building located on the site of today’s Şenbayrak Hotel was purchased, and with the Law No. 4355, our Exchange continued to operate independently from the Chamber of Commerce and Industry after 1944.

Afterwards, our Exchange took the first step towards the construction of the New Exchange building, with its decision dated 13.07.1960, purchased 807 m² of land on Atatürk Street. Adana Commodity Exchange Building, which was started to be built in June 1961, was completed in July 1963 and opened to service in August of the same year. Our laboratory, which worked with very limited resources until 1970 and only served for the analysis of grains and oily grains, has been able to perform oil and pulp analyzes thanks to the tools and devices provided since that date. The practice of determining the technical properties of cotton by hand was terminated. In 2009 and 2010, with the help of projects carried out with the contributions of Çukurova Development Agency and the United Nations, the Fiber Cotton Analysis Laboratory within our stock market was modernized, and Aflatoxin and Grain Analysis Laboratories were also established. In addition, oil analyzers were added to our laboratory in 2012.

Our commodity exchange, which received the ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System certificate in March 2011, is an accredited exchange according to the TOBB Accreditation System after the audit on 17 September 2012 and provides Five Star service to its members. In addition, our Commodity Exchange is the first commodity exchange to act as a Producer Unit for the implementation of the Better Cotton Cotton Standard, which is the world’s only cotton production standard and emphasizes sustainable cotton production. In the production of Better Cotton, which has been demanded by the world’s largest textile companies since 2013, studies are carried out with the cotton producers in our region directly in the field and in the gins.

Adana Commodity Exchange, which has been serving in the building on Atatürk Street until May 2018, is located at the 10th km on Ceyhan Road, the foundation of which was laid on April 24, 2014 and on March 19, 2018. The new Exchange Complex, which was opened with the wide participation of our Minister of Customs Trade, TOBB President, Governor of Adana, as well as our city bureaucrats, members and manufacturers, started operating on 28 May 2018. As Adana Commodity Exchange, our Electronic Trading Hall, Authorized Classifier Center and five branch laboratories, Licensed Warehouses with 40 thousand tons of corn and wheat storage capacity, Administrative Building and Merchant offices are at the disposal of our members in our New Exchange Complex. In our Administrative Building; We have an Electronic Trading Hall, a multi-purpose meeting room, fiber cotton, physical and chemical analysis laboratories and units, and we offer high quality service to our members. In the coming years, it is aimed to increase the capacity of our licensed warehouses by 75 thousand tons and to increase our total storage capacity to 115 thousand tons. Thus, the number of members and producers who benefit from our licensed warehouse service will increase.

Our Commodity Exchange; On May 02, 2019, with the “Modern and Technological Integrated Commodity Exchange Complex Project”, he won the first place among 365 chambers-exchanges in the “Corporate Capacity and Infrastructure Category” in the “Chamber Exchanges Project Competition” organized by TOBB for the first time. He received his award from the hand of Recep Tayyip Erdogan. With this award, Adana Commodity Exchange has once again written its name in history with golden letters. Our Commodity Exchange; On 09.01.2020, the symbol of Çukurova received a geographical indication for our white gold “Çukurova Cotton”, which is the subject of Turkish films and featured in our logo.