• Within the framework of the duties, responsibilities and relevant legislation given by the Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey No. 5174 and the Law on Chambers and Commodity Exchanges;
  • Meeting the common needs of our members with all our units and functions,
  • Contributing to the development of national and international trade of the products traded on our stock exchange and to the formation of free market prices,
  • Establishing trust in the commercial relations of our members and related parties with each other,
  • Continuing, developing and documenting our information and services offered to our members and related parties,
  • To contribute to the development of our members, our region and our country by ensuring that human health, environment and food safety are observed in all our activities.


With the efforts of our managers, employees and the support of our members,

  • To continuously improve its corporate structure,
  • Keeping the service quality at the highest level with the modern Stock Exchange Complex equipped with technological devices,
  • To increase the variety and quality of service with its personnel structure equipped with knowledge, skills and competence,
  • It is to turn it into an international reference stock market that leads, sets an example, develops cooperation, and increases its prestige and effectiveness in every project and activity it carries out in our region, nationally and internationally.


  • Quality Policy: It is our basic policy to carry out the services offered by our Exchange, taking into account the satisfaction of our employees and members, impartially, accurately, effectively and without sacrificing quality, and to continuously improve our Quality Management System with our updated quality targets.
  • Financial Policy: As we move towards the annual estimated budget targets and the investment targets specified in our strategic plan, we aim to continuously improve our corporate performance in the light of legal regulations and to continue our work in a structure that will protect the financial interests of our institution and our members.
  • Human Resources Policy: To benefit from the talents, strengths and creativity of our employees who are highly educated, open to innovation and change, entrepreneurial, dynamic, result-oriented, aiming to develop themselves and their business, prioritizing their motivation and loyalty to their institutions, to create equality of opportunity among them, to create a transparent and open management. To protect and observe their material and moral rights by displaying an understanding, to increase their development continuously by providing a qualified, peaceful, technological infrastructure and a warm working environment that respects human rights.
  • Communication Policy: By making the highest contribution to the agriculture and agro-industry of our country and our region, we are in contact with our stakeholders inside and outside our Stock Exchange; is to share up-to-date information, at the right time and in the right place, by using all kinds of communication opportunities required by technology, with the principles of honest, transparent, ethical, understandable, sustainable and accountable.
  • Information Technology Policy: Our mission is to keep our Exchange up-to-date in terms of technology by following the latest technology and to provide the best technological services to our members.
  • Members Relation Policy: It gives importance to the satisfaction of the members, the demands and dissatisfaction of the members can be easily communicated, the problems are handled in an unbiased and fair manner, the complaint of each member is seen as an opportunity for improvement, and the necessary improvement and It is to follow an approach that accepts the resolution of member dissatisfaction as a main principle by producing fast and effective solutions that are solution-oriented, innovative, respectful of member privacy, where controls are made.