The minimum determined amounts of agricultural and livestock products sold, import and export commodities included in the listing are subject to registration in the Commodity Exchanges. The Registry Department serves the members of the stock exchange with a staff of 1 Registrar, 1 Assistant Director, 5 Registrars, and 4 Collectors’ control officers. The duties of the Exchange Registration department are briefly summarized as follows:

  • To ensure that purchases and sales of substances included in the Exchange are registered in accordance with the legislation,
  • To enable buyers and sellers who are members of our Exchange to trade at real market prices, to provide an environment for the parties to carry out their transactions in confidence by guaranteeing their rights and law, and to resolve any disputes that may arise,
  • Our Registry Service prepares daily, weekly, monthly and annual bulletins to announce free market prices,
  • To realize the tenders of the products offered for mass sale by public institutions and organizations, by making an announcement to the buyers before the tender at the Registry Service Korbey Hall,
  • To provide information and answer statistical data requests from public institutions and organizations, legal entities and individuals,
  • To ensure that on-site services are provided by visiting the members daily by the collector control officers affiliated with our Registry Service,
  • To provide our members with continuous information about the price data and changes of the New York and Chicago Stock Exchanges of Cotton, Corn, Soybean and Wheat by our Registry Service