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Adana Commodity Exchange is governed by the Exchange Council with 14 people elected among its members and the Board of Directors with 5 people elected among the Exchange Council for four years.

Commodity exchange services are conducted by exchange officers whose leader is General Secretary. All activities in the commodity exchange are carried out within the framework of law No:5174 and special regulations and the rules prescribed by the Exchange Council.

Exchange Council:

It is the highest decision making and supervision organ of the commodity exchange; it executes its work with the help of a chairman and vice-president elected among them. Exchange Council normally makes a meeting once a month and it can be collected at any time with the Chairman's invitation.

The tasks of Exchange Council can be listed as follows:

1. To elect the members of Board of Directors and disiplinary board.

2. To elect the members of general association delegates among its members.

3. To review and adjudicate the proposals made by the board of directors.

4. To determine and declare the customs, traditions and usages within the study area.

5. To review and approve monthly trial balance and transfer requests.

6. To create fortified agencies to resolve conflicts about the transactions of the members in the commodity exchange

7. To approve the expert lists for the conflicts that may take place out of the commodity exchange transactions.

8. To decide on the punishment for members that dicipline board offers.

9. To approve the annual budget and final accounts to acquit the Board of Directors and to initiate the proceedings for the ones responsible.

10.To decide to buy, sell, build real estates and to borrow money within the framework of law.

11.To accept the internal guidelines of the commodity exchange and to offer the Union for the approval.

12.To determine which crops to be sold and bought outside the market place and to define the amount of time for the crops to be registered.

13.To review the appeals against decisions taken by the board of directors about registration obligation and the degree of members.

14.To establish specialized commissions according to the jobs and problems.

15.To be a member of domestic and foreign industrial, commercial and economic organizations and to send delegates to the congress.

16.To forgive the debts of members in case of trade abandonment, death, natural disasters such as flood, fire, earthquake and to decide on the proposal coming from the Board of Directors and delegate this authority to the Board of Directors if necessary.

17.To give honor membership to the people that gave significant services to the Turkish economy with the decision of two-thirds of the total number of parliament members.

18.To fulfill the tasks assigned in relevant legislation.


Board of Directors:

It consists of 5 people for 4 years elected among the members of Exchange Council. Board of Directors is the execution organ of the commodity exchange.

Board of Directors selects a president, a vice president and a controller member for 4 years among its members. Board of Directors normally meets once a week on certan days. The president or vice-president can call the members to meet in special conditions if necessary.

The tasks of Board of Directors can be listed as follows:

1. To carry out the exchange's work within the framework of legislation and council decisions.

2. To present the reports related to budget, final accounts and transfer proposals to the Exchange Council.

3. To present monthly account report to the Exchange Council to be reviewed and approved.

4. To decide on issues such as promotion of a personnel, new personnels to be employed or personnels to be dismissed.

5. To adjudicate personnel disiplinary affairs in accordance with the regulations in the law.

6. To decide the disiplinary committee to make an investigation.

7. To ensure the implementation of disiplinary and criminal penalties according to the law.

8. To determine the jury to resolve disputes arising from transactions in commodity exchange.

9. To prepare the jury and expert list to resolve disputes arising from transactions in commodity exchange and to serve to Exchange Council to be approved.

10.To certify documents prescribed in the regulations and law.

11.To prepare an annual report about yearly market activity and economic situation of the region and to present it to the Exchange Council.

12.To serve the internal guidelines to the council.

13.To make any kind of market analysis, to keep the index and statistics and to determine the price of main crops in the commodity exchange and to declare them with appropriate means.

14.To reward members paying high level of tax and registration fees, exporting goods and developing technology.

15.To support and encourage social activities, to make donations, to provide scholarship, to build schools and classrooms with the approval of council.

16.To perform other tasks not assigned to any particular service provided in the law.