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Cotton cultivation began before the establishment of Adana Commodity Exchange. Due to the lack of transportation and export facilities it could only meet the needs of the domestic market. In the 1800s after the Adana-Mersin railway was built by the French, cotton trade started to develop and accordingly there emerged need of building a market linked with international markets. Due to the Exchanges Regulations, The first activities of Adana Commodity Exchange was carried out under Adana Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Adana Commodity Exchange was officially established on September 4, 1913 and was the second commodity exchange established in Turkey. Adana Commodity Exchange started its activities with official ceremony on September 17, 1913.

After the establishment of Adana Commodity Exchange, “Big Store" was hired as the Exchange Building. Then, 2-storey building located on the site of the current Skala store was hired in 1925 and this building was used until the present Exchange building was built.

With the enactment of Law No:4355, our commodity exchange became economically and administratively independent organization. The construction of new building of Adana Commodity Exchange started on 13.07.1960 by purchasing 807 m² land owned by Salamon Gilido. The temporary administration committee elected on 15.7.1960 started the construction of the new exchange building immediately.

The building of Adana Commodity Exchange was completed in July, 1963 and officially opened in August, 1963. 2nd, 7th and 8th floors of the Adana Commodity Exchange Building are being used by the Management of Adana Commodity Exchange. The offices on other floors are rented for the Exchange members. 

Till 1970, our laboratories were serving with very limited facilities and were analyzing only cereals and oilseeds. Oil and meal analysis were available after suitable tools and equipment were purchased in 1970. Purchasing HVI Machine in 1997, all tests of cotton were available in Adana Commodity Exchange.


Thanks to the projects carried out in 2009 and 2010, Cotton Fiber Analysis Laboratory was modernized and Grain, Aflatoxin Analysis Laboratories were founded. Finally, oil and cellulose analysis tools were added to the laboratory.

In March 2011, our commodity exchange acquired ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System Certificate and after the inspection conducted on September 17, 2012 our commodity exchange was recorded as an accredited exchange.

Our commodity exchange is planning to build Exchange Complex consisting of various types of laboratories, trading halls, meeting rooms etc. Furthermore, Licensed Warehouse and Product Specialization Exchange services are planned to be given. In this regard, the groundbreaking ceremony of the Exchange Complex was organized with the participation of President Mr. Abdullah Gül on April 24, 2014. The construction of the Exchange Complex continues at a great pace.

According to the date in October 2014, our commodity exchange has 1.578 members of various agricultural sectors.